Culinary delight on the Rettenbach glacier
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Rettenbach Glacier

The fascination of the Rettenbach Glacier
World Cup slope

The fascination of the Rettenbach Glacier

This 3,250 m mountain in the Oetztal Valley has been covered with ice for thousands of years and sparkles white in the sunshine in winter and summer alike. This natural treasure has been radiating with fascinating charm ever since the first hunters arrived here some 9,000 years ago. The area previously consisted of Alpine pastures and trade routes and is now home to footpaths, ski tours and one of the biggest glacier ski resorts in Austria!

The international skiing elite have been gathering at the Rettenbach Glacier each year since 1993 to mark the start of the new skiing season. Some of the skiing greats such as Hermann Maier and Carlo Janka have raced down the World Cup slope to victory here in Soelden. But it's not just about skiing here at 3,000 m above sea level – the 'Hannibal' show also provides annual entertainment on the glacier. The show is a breath-taking interpretation of Hannibal's crossing of the Alps and ends with a magnificent showdown! This open-air theatre event is not to be missed!

Skiing in spring in Soelden
Skiing in spring

Skiing in spring

Start your early summer skiing on the Rettenbach Glacier by applying some high factor sun cream! Enjoy a morning out in the firn snow of the pistes in the 20km² glacier ski resort and stop off at the restaurant on the Rettenbach Glacier. Enjoy a cool drink on a recliner of our sun terrace, surrounded by 3,000 m peaks.

Relax in the well-being area of one of our hotels in the centre of Soelden after a busy day of skiing! Send us a non-binding holiday enquiry or book directly online.



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